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This information is designed to address practical issues in the refugee community.
You may want to print out this informaiton and pass it on to someone who needs it.

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God's Guidance   La dirección de Dios
Raising Kids   Criar niños
Why Read the Bible?   ¿Por qué Lee la Biblia?
Handling a Crisis   Manejo de una Crisis
Sharing Your Faith   Compartir su fe
Morning Sickness Morning Sickness Por la mañana enfermedad
Vomiting and Diarrhea Vomiting and Diarrhea Vómitos y diarrea
Making Decisions Making Decisions Toma de decisiones
Finding a job Finding a job Encontrar un empleo

How Shall We Live?

Many who profess to follow Christ are unaware of the Basics of His teachings.

"...we base sound doctrine on the Words of our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Tim. 6:3

Those who have come to a point where they need some answers will discover that every story that Jesus told can be related to one of the Beatitudes which are the foundation of His teaching.

You can listen to the audio version of these lessons by clicking here.

English PDFs Spanish PDFs
How Shall We Live? Introduction Bienvenido a la "Veremos cómo vivimos?" Serie de capacitación
Blessed Are the Needy in Spirit Felices son los pobres en espíritu
Blessed Are Those Turn Away from Evil Felices son aquellos que lloran fuera
Blessed are Those Who Are Hungry for God Felices son aquellos que caminos de Dios después del hambre
Blessed Are the Humble Felices son los humildes
Blessed Are the Ones Who Forgive Felices son los que tienen compassion
Blessed Are the Pure in Heart Felices son la limpieza de corazón
Blessed Are Those with a Clear Conscience Felices son los pacificadores
Blessed Are Those Who Are Being Tested Dichosos los perseguidos

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