How to Prepare Papers to bring your family to the USA

*** This advice is only given in case the situation changes! ***

Following these steps may NOT help your family!

You may lose any money you pay the US government for this process if the situation does not change!

This information is for those who want to try to get the process going
so that paperwork is ready for their relatives in case the situation changes.


The situation in Afghanistan is out of control right now so we will have to wait for things to calm down before we can do much. The borders are closed and USA offices are closed so they
cannot process paperwork as they normally would.

This means the only place immigration paperwork can be processed is outside of Afghanistan.

It is too dangerous for your family to try to go across any border now so we suggest you wait.

BUT we can get all the paperwork ready now so that you know what to do when the situation changes.

Only close blood relatives (spouses, parents, children) can submit I-130 paperwork for their relatives.

You CANNOT sponsor your family if you cannot show you have enough money to do this.

If your income is at least $32,750 per year (or you can put together this amount with another sponsor) the process for sponsoring your family to come to the USA is to go to this website:

Click on SIGN IN and then CREATE ACCOUNT.

Next print the Form I-30 and fill it out. If you need help filling it out let me know!

Emergency Forms

You can also file humanitarian parole applications [Form I-131, Form I-134] for people but filing these now will not help them get on a plane out of Afghanistan. Each application costs $575 and each person they want to bring has to have their own application - including children.

If you do this then the papers will be on the USA USCIS computer and
waiting for your family when they get across the border and go to the USA Embassy.

Here is the website for emergency applications:

At this point it is only worthwhile to do this if you think your family can get out of Afghanistan and go to a second country to pick up their parole document to be able to come to the US.
It works in place of a visiting visa.

There will be no office in Afghanistan that can process and print these documents nor are there any flights out of Afghanistan. The military and other groups are packing up and leaving and
they are not going to let any other Afghans through the gate anymore.

Do not try to do this by yourself!
For now the best idea is to get the I-30 form and a USCIS account started on the website.

Refugee agencies and Immigration lawyers are so busy with this right now!
Do not expect things to happen very fast but we can at least get started!

Also, the USCIS process will be asking for money to process paperwork.
The cost for this is around $250 or more each time.
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